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Why does my bank statement have a charge for hubiepay.com?

“Why am I being charged?”

You're being charged due to a subscription for one of Hubiepay's premium, dating website plans.

“I am trying to pay. Why is my card being declined?”

Payments to Hubiepay may occasionally be suspended due to the checks which banks undertake on online transactions. Notify your bank of your wish to continue with payment and there should no longer be an issue.

Subscriptions can be cancelled through the Membership area when logged into your site profile.

“How do I cancel my subscription?”

Cancel all future mobile billing by texting STOP to 89595.

“I pay via my mobile phone provider. How do I cancel?”

Upgrade your site account to VIP at any point by visitng the Membership area of your site account or one of the various upgrade points around the site.

“How can I pay for membership?”

As a VIP member you will get a lot more out of the site, including unrestricted message options, access to all media, unlimited photo uploads, private chat in the chatrooms, appearing high in search results and access to enhanced search features.

“What are the benefits of VIP Membership?”

If you are seeing a payment to Hubiepay, you will have at some point subscribed for one of Hubiepay's premium, online dating packages.

Please kindly provide us with the email address associated with your account of registration in order for us to locate your original subscription site. 

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